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September 20, 2017

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Let Me See That Sushi Rollll

September 8, 2016

Dip, baby, dip! 

No more salmon, sweetie, go,
Let me see the Veggie Roll!


Hello, My Name is Kelly and I am your first-hand sushi addict & guru.


Sushi. Oh, my sweet sushi. 


Let me tell you, I had an"I'm Going to Miss You" list with only two things on it that I worried would defeat me in my new lifestyle change--

This was on the top of that list.










Sushi is a lot of things. Mostly, it gives it's fans messy bites of goodness that leave them wanting for more.


When I finally dove into the veggie lifestyle, I knew this addiction wasn't going to go down easy. I used to eat EVERYTHING on the sushi menu. Salmon, squid, ikura (fish eggs/roe), you name it-- I probably ate it. I wallowed in self-pity for weeks, got sucked back into the spiraling vortex of defeat (a few times), and eventually got smack in the effing face with a dose of reality...


Like an idiot, I forgot that one of my favorite rolls was a veggie.

You know, the one that makes your taste buds go: 



Oh, sweet potato roll. You are so crunchy and sweet, you introduced me to a whole new lip-smacking, veggie delight. I am now a drooling advocate for the avocado roll, the cucumber roll, the kimchi, the tempura veggie combo roll--you get it.


My cravings for raw sushi quite literally diminished before my eyes.

Am I still a sushi addict? Hell yeah! Veggie rolls are no joke.


.now let me go get my rolls.


Stay tuned for my AWESOME Miso Soup recipe.

Did you know it's naturally vegan?! 




xoxo, K


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