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September 20, 2017

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Friday Factoid: Iron. Pepitas anyone?

September 16, 2016


Do you know that women between 19-50 years old need 18 mg of iron per day while men need 8 mg?! Pumpkin seeds and pepitas are SO high in iron.

 Eat up!

Check the chart for more info:


Top 10 sources of iron:


Pumpkin Seeds/ Pepitas (11.38 mg/cup)

Sunflower Seeds (9.13 mg/cup)

Soybeans (8.84 mg/cup)

Cashews (8.22 mg/cup)

Apricots (7.51 mg/cup)

Tofu (6.64 mg/cup)

White Beans (6.62 mg/cup)

Lentils (6.59 mg/cup)

Almonds (5.78 mg/cup)

Amaranth (5/17 mg/cup)




xoxo, K







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