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September 20, 2017

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Autumnal Equinox 2016

September 22, 2016






Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall. 


F. S. F. -- Gatsby




This has always been a line that has stuck with me.

I think about these words a lot, and as the seasons change- namely, as summer turns into autumn- I think about these words more often.


There is importance in finding new ways to better oneself. To start over, refresh and renew, as a new leaf turns. Autumn does it every year. It renews it's purpose. It makes itself turn colors that one could not even imagine-- unique, risky, and absolutely beautiful.


What does this mean for us non-leaves? How do we, as individuals, find ways to renew our purpose each day? 


A lot of us don't find ways in just one area.

Our purpose is in more than just one area.


I continue to find new ways in adventure and travel, whilst: Gaining wisdom from all beings of the planet;Teaching my dog new tricks to keep her (and my) brain flowing; Developing my diet and veganism in new ways; Pushing myself to complete difficult work in the office; Planning and prioritizing for a vacation that will rejuvenate my soul in the deep places that I learn to uncover; Creating art; Connecting with loved ones; Connecting with strangers; Searching for new ways to make myself useful to the global community; Inspiring myself and finding inspiration from others;Constructing an overall balanced and healthy lifestyle.


There are thousands of ways to renew.. but obviously it  would be hard to do this all in one day!  Here is the best part-- no one has to...

We all find ways to renew on our own time, with our own focus and amount of attention that is specified to our unique purpose. Our purpose on one day may be completely different the next. 

That is the unique, risky beauty of it all.


The Takeaway:

Find importance in refocusing both negative and positive energy into something that will renew your purpose each day. Its amazing what the human mind can do with such things-- especially when it stops coasting on the day-to-day. 


vegn'vibes is an example of one of the adventures that I am currently taking to renew my own purpose each day. The humility, compassion, exploration,and risk that this vessel holds is worth it. 




xoxo, K



It is finally pumpkin season-- YAY!
















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