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September 20, 2017

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Roots Market: Vegan Fall Festival

October 9, 2016


What makes a vegan festival special? 



Is it the empowerment of like-minded humans coming together to support something they believe in?


Is it putting together ideas to create important causes that will benefit the overlooked others that share this planet?


Is it providing delicious dishes to those who are looking for new ways to invent meatless food?



The inspirational, short answer is --Yes, yes it is. 


The better answer is -- Yes, but also vegan mac and cheese stand, whoopie pies, sushi, raffles, and cool people offering cooler samples from vegan-friendly communities.



For the first time ever, I attended VegFest this year in Washington, DC. It was amazing. I mean really amazing. I couldn't wait to attend more events like that in the future.

Luckily, I didn't have to wait too long. I had quickly discovered that Roots Market was hosting the Vegan Fall Festival. YESSS!

 So, what was I to expect? I had never been to Clarksville and wanted to be sure that my 36 minute drive would be 100 percent worth it.


Here is what I was told:


- Tastings from the Roots Kitchen & Bakeshop

- Samples of top vegan products

- Meet & Greets with local vegan focused non-profits

- Raffles & Prizes from local vegan-friendly businesses

-Live music


Check, check, check, and check! (Except I'm not all too sure that I heard the music, it was a pretty rainy day and the market was PACKED)


Here is what I didn't expect:


-Greta the goose from Burleigh Manor Animal Sanctuary & Eco Retreat


(Hi Greta!)


















-REALLY good vegan sushi samples (as you know, I am quite the addict)



-Crazy good vegan mac & cheese






- HEX Kombucha (yes, I took a large bottle of the ginger one home with me)




-Vegan Whoopie Pie Station



- & Ridiculously awesome sales on all of my vegan favorites 

[not going to insert the picture of crazy long receipt ;) ]




Roots Market gets a lot of things right. They connect really genuine people and provide realistic lifestyle options. I made the 36 minute commute to this town and I will be sure to go back often. Roots is that good


For those of you who missed it, don't pass up this festival next time! It is a smaller, more accessible VegFest with great deals added on.

OR you can just get your butt out there to go grocery shopping! I know I will.







xoxo, K















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