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September 20, 2017

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Why Veg? Try Veg?

October 20, 2016




Why Veganism?

They say a picture can say a thousand words, but I am not sure this one can say enough. So many people ask me, "Why Vegan?" and my response usually follows as, "Well, a lot of reasons-- health, environment, compassion, etc." This question seems simple, but it is loaded. There are hundreds of answers to this that I don't always have time to answer or explain, but nonetheless, the answers are majorly important. 


The picture above shows:

Animals. Water. World Hunger. Compassion. Health. Peace. Earth. 


Let's delve more deeply in to what this means:


Animals. Veganism, of course, saves the lives of manyanimals! This could mean anything from not eating animal meat/products (thus, violently killing animals) to saving a life by adopting or rescuing animals in need.


Water. Many people on this planet don't understand that over-breeding livestock and other "meats" means that there are more mouths to feed. What people also don't know, is that these same mouths are completely overstuffed! This means that we are producing so much grain that it is taking a lot of water to grow the grain to feed the livestock: 

4 ounces of beef saves appx. 3,000 gallons of water.

I can't even fathom how this is not more broadly recognized. 


World Hunger. You got it, can't explain how much water is being used without explaining how this is contributing to world hunger. As previously stated, over-breeding and over-feeding livestock means that we are feeding way too many mouths way, too much food. The energy put into feeding cattle 16 times as much grain as they produce as meat leads to the pure and blatant fact that livestock consuming 50 percent of all grains on this planet and is occupying majority of our planet's free land. Replacing meat in one meal = 16 pounds of grain that could help feed the world's hungry.


COMPASSION. Do you seriously ever just slow down and think about what is actually happening in the industry? A lot of people don't. We haven't been raised to think that way. Greater awareness is a funny thing. It comes easier than we ever expect it to and is one of the largest roots that stems from within our souls. We are born with compassion. Animals are abused and killed every single day for the sole reason that society wants to consume meat. The blatant fact: our bodies are actually not designed to eat meat as much as we do -- or any at all. Eating meat began as a survival tool at the beginning of time, eat or be eaten - eat or die. Not only have we evolved passed this sickening demeanor, but we are born a different way. We are born with compassion and with the need to fill ourselves with good foods provided by the nature. Why do you think buying organic has become more mainstream? We need to stop filling our bodies with toxins that we end up craving. We are contaminating our body and our mind by doing so, and there are so many vegan/vegetarian options that are so accessible. Its no longer eat or be eaten - eat or die. It is eat right and eat smart. You don't even have to go searching forests and caves anymore. Just go to the damn store. Save a life.

Animals are giving their lives to unnecessary purposes and are being abused along the way -- beaten, dehydrated, destroyed. Look into this to see it yourself. 


Health. Love yourself! Veganism/vegetarianism can extend a life by several years by lowering the risk of heart disease, dementia, and cancer. Not only that, but every day you will find yourself having more energy. Essentially, this diet/lifestyle is cleaning your body of toxins. Look forward to better skin, hair, energy, and intelligence. Bonus: Meatless diets and lifestyle habits can save a pretty penny-- welcome the ease of mind!


Peace. Live peacefully and stress-free knowing you are doing all of these above things. It is nice to know that you are not only helping yourself, but you are saving millions of other's lives doing it, animals and starving people alike. You will find your own happy in this, no matter what it may be.


Earth. Our planet. A lot is to be said about why vegan, but for the planet, we can count on recognizing: 


  • Less starving people

  • More saved lives 

  • Climate change, since animal agriculture produces more greenhouse gases than all other transportation we use

  • Safety of rainforests, since raising animals for food is the leading cause of rainforest destruction and is responsible for over 90 percent of deconstruction in the Brazilian Amazon (136 million acres destroyed, according to cowspiracy)

  • Water consumption (let's remember that 1 burger can be almost 2 months of showers)

  • Water pollution, since the leading cause of all fresh water pollution, ocean dead zones, and great barrier reef die-off is from the food industry

  • Wildlife extinction due to habitat destruction and wildlife culling 


So, try vegan, try vegetarianism, try eating less meat. Maybe adopt your next pet or visit an animal sanctuary. Maybe shop cruelty-free cosmetics and toiletries or buy faux fur. Maybe just spread the word.

Find your happy. Find your enlightenment. Greater awareness is a wondrous thing. 



Questions? Stories? Comments? Contact me!

xoxo, K





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