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September 20, 2017

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Recap: DC Central Kitchen's Capital Food Fight

November 11, 2016


** Drum Roll Please ** and the winner is..................

Chef Samuel Kim of 1789 Restaurant Wins DC Central Kitchen’s Capital Food Fight!

But what does all of this mean? Why the hype? What is this event?

Please hold all questions until further notice and read on.

First and foremost, we need to chat about what DC Central Kitchen is actually doing. As a developer of innovative social ventures that break the cycle of hunger and poverty, the nonprofit has been creating sustainable systems to strengthen health and economy for the past few decades. They offer culinary training to "at-risk" adults and turn wasted food into balanced meals for shelters, low income schools, and other nonprofits. Get on that train. The Capital Food Fight event is just one of the many examples of how they continue to promote and, simply put, do it all. (click to learn more)


The event had 75 restaurant participants that offered over 1.2k guests simple and savory tastings, but we will get to that later on.


Let's quickly meet the celebrity hosts.

Event founder José Andrés (Chef/Owner, ThinkFoodGroup) and Spike Mendelsohn (Chef and Restaurateur) -- Hi Spike! Thanks for judging my company's Tech Chef earlier this year (even though my team lost............)


They truly made the event incredibly fun and entertaining... This includes the question of the night-- "José, where are your shoes?"

 But he exclaimed that he was proudly showing off his pedicure, so I guess that is alright with me.


But, what else happened before Chef Samuel Kim took home the winning title?


Well, Chefs Andrew Markert (Beuchert’s Saloon), George Rodrigues (Tico DC) and Theary So (Hank’s Oyster Bar) mastered dishes that were judged by Michael Voltaggio (Chef/Owner, ink. and Sack Sandwiches), Duff Goldman (Chef and TV Personality), and Rusty Hamlin (Chef and TV Personality)-- hot shots of the culinary world. 


The Judges.


But the most important thing...


The event raised $694,000 toward the fight against hunger and poverty. (more about the event)



And an even more important thing...

Creating solutions to the high levels of hunger and poverty in this world is crucial to our existence. This event covers most, but not all of that. As mentioned in one of my previous articles, Why Veg? Try Veg?, growing livestock and eating meat is actually the leading cause of world hunger:


"World Hunger. You got it, can't explain how much water is being used without explaining how this is contributing to world hunger. As previously stated, over-breeding and over-feeding livestock means that we are feeding way too many mouths way too much food. The energy put into feeding cattle 16 times as much grain as they produce as meat leads to the pure and blatant fact that livestock is consuming 50 percent of all grains on this planet and is occupying the majority of our planet's free land. Replacing meat in one meal = 16 pounds of grain that could help feed the world's hungry." (click here for more of the article)


Of course, meat-eaters haven't (and won't) banish overnight--I understand that, and that's why events like Capital Food Fight become so critical. As mentioned earlier, there were 75 restaurant participators in the tasting rooms that offered a variety of food samplings. To my pleasant surprise, a good amount of the tasting stations were plant-based, some were even vegan.

**insert my fiesta hat here** 

Its refreshing to have folks who acknowledge the importance of these facts to accomplish the same mission that myself, DC Central Kitchen, and many others have continued to promote. Protecting animals actually leads to us protecting ourselves. If we can spread the wealth of education, and continue to offer innovative veggie options at events such as this, then perhaps we can learn to sustain off of less.


Let's keep pushing to do right. Let's push to get to our healthiest selves and help our global community take bigger steps toward success.


If interested, here are some yummy pictures of my veggie path at the Capital Food Fight:


It always starts with a drink.


Or two, thanks to the tempting mixologists.


Vegan "Chicken" Sandwich from HipCityVeg.


Well Jose, your not vegan, and neither is this cake of you--but it is quite beautiful.


 Here are some vegan desserts though...


And also really good vegan veggie burger sliders.

(say that three times fast)


Smoked Tofu Arancini, Shitake Mushrooms, Wakame, Chickpea Sauce and Edamame --

Fancy and delicious.

 Promotion of cool causes like Homegrown by Heroes (also check out F.A.R.M)

 And also more drinks from the Speakeasy section.



Support the cause!



and.... you may ask questions now. 

Leave a comment below or contact me!


xoxo, K















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