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September 20, 2017

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Dr. Bronner's: Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Lavender Coconut Lotion, Lemongrass Lime Shaving Soap, and more!

September 25, 2017

There is little worse than searching high and low for organic, cruelty-free, vegan products; especially when it comes to  Beauty, Bath, & Body.


There are many companies that offer these certified products, but most  of those companies are owned by a "mother" company that is not on the bandwagon - or - the company uses harsh and dangerous chemicals in place of what really works with the body- yikes. With that said, when we find a brand that is all-inclusive in their product care, we jot it down ASAP. Luckily, we found another to add to the list: Dr. Bronner's. 

In our last post, we dug into Regenerative and Fair Trade research that is backed by Dr. Bronner's ideologies. Dr. Bronner's is more than a cruelty-free/vegan product company, it is an organization that contributes to our planet's sustainability and future success. Better yet, it is family-owned. 

For more click here.


We did a deep dive into some of Dr. Bronner's greatest and latest products to get you covered. Whether bought online or at your nearest Whole Foods, check out this one-stop-shop and learn more about what you can do with these products!


Organic Virgin Coconut Oil: Fair Trade & Organic, Dr. Bronner's makes sure that this healthy and delicious whole white kernel coconut oil is in stores nationwide. Though they began in the soap and body-care world, they have now released this amazing culinary cooking oil.


The oil is expeller-pressed from fresh/dried coconut kernel, providing a wonderfully mild aroma. In comparison to other fats/oils, this one tops the charts providing actual health benefits: i.e., heart disease, cancer, and diabetes prevention; metabolic stimulation; blood cholesterol improvement, increasing ratio of HDL to LDL due to the healthier fatty acid; elimination of oxidation damage; immune system booster through lauric acid conversion to monolaurin, which fights viruses and bacteria; thyroid improvement; and provider of Vitamins E and K, and mineral iron.


This product is Certified Fair Trade, Certified Under the USDA National Organic Program, No Animal Testing, and Vegan.


Of course, we used it whilst cooking tempeh and making a delicious Broccoli Bisque, amongst other foods/recipes, but that is not all it is good for:


Quick Tip: We found that this works wonders on the skin. It serves as a multi-purpose moisturizer, preventing dryness, wrinkles, sagging, and age spots. Our best tip is to use it as a gentle make-up remover (oils really wipe clean the smallest crevices in the face), but since it has regenerative properties, we also tried it on cuticles and chapped lips as well.


Additionally, it can be used on dead/dry hair, or as a styler for your ends in place of mousse or hairspray.  Extra shine, less frizz. Argan oil is also great for this, but unless you are opting for a hair mask or a greasy look, make sure to steer clear from your roots!


Lavender Coconut Organic Hand & Body Lotion: A lightweight formula with deeply hydrating properties. You will see a silky sheen (yet non-greasy) on your skin from the rich oils within this product -- and it really isn't just for show. Made with the organic Lavender, Jojoba, Hemp, Coconut, and Avocado oils, it has truly the most relaxing scent: Not feminine, not masculine, just fresh. There are absolutely no petro-chemically modified ingredients or animal products! 


This product is Certified Fair Trade, Certified Under the USDA National Organic Program, No Animal Testing, and Vegan.


Quick Tip: Use on ends of static-prone hair! It tames it down when you are on-the-go. And of course, this is a must have for all skin, hand, and body purposes as well!

Lemongrass lime Organic Shaving Soap: With an earthy, yet fresh scent, this shaving soap does the trick for versatile shaving needs. The Organic Sugar found in this product naturally preserves moisture, hydrating the skin that is being addressed. As always, Dr. Bronner's loaded this product up with the best Organic Oils: Lemongrass, Lemon,  Lime, Coconut, Fair Trade Palm Kernel, Olive, Hemp, and Jojoba.


This product is Certified Fair Trade, Certified Under the USDA National Organic Program, No Animal Testing, and Vegan.


Quick Tip: Opt for a shaving soap instead of foam. This soap actually lifts hair follicles up and naturally moisturizes deep into the pores without any nicks. For skin, face, and body. Smooth and moisturizing!

Peppermint All-One Toothpaste: This is a bit different at first because it is a non-foaming toothpaste, but it is great as it uses natural ingredients that work better with your body! The non-foam, flouride-free formula also helps to reduce plaque and whiten teeth (we would be disappointed if it didn't, right?). With 70% organic ingredients, including Organic Coconut Flour / Coconut Oil and Organic Aloe Juice, this toothpaste aids and helps to soothe gums.


This product is Vegan, Fluoride-free, non-GMO certified, NSF certified, and contains no synthetic foaming detergents or preservatives.


Quick Tip:  They just released a travel-size 1 oz (pictured above) which is amazing because it is perfect for on-the-go AND it is only $2.49!


18-in-1 Hemp Peppermint Pure-Castile Soap: The classic. The one, the only: 18-in-1 Hemp Peppermint Pure-Castile Soap. Everyone knows about this one if they have heard about Dr. Bronner's, but if you haven't then read on! This soap literally has 18+ ways of working. Bonus: There are absolutely no synthetic preservatives, detergents, or foaming agents!


Recommended Quick Tips: 

- Face: 2-3 drops on wet hands, applied to wet face.

- Body: Small drops on wet cloth in the shower.

- Hair: 1/2 tbsp worked into wet hair.

- Bath: 2 tbsp in average sized tub for a bubble-free cleanse.

- Shave: For Face, 10 drops; For Underarms, 3 drops; and 1/2       tbsp for Legs. 

- Teeth: 1 drop on toothbrush.

- Foot Bath: 1 1/2 tsp in small tub of hot water. 

- Laundry: 1/2 cup for large load of laundry. Add in 1/2 cup                vinegar to rinse cycle.

- Windows: 1 tbsp with 1 quart water spray bottle; Follow with          club soda, vinegar, or water.

- Toilet: Turn off water, flush toilet, squirt bowl with 1/4 cup + 1        quart water spray; scrub with baking soda and let sit for 10            minutes.

- Dogs: Massage small amounts during bath time. 

- Plant Spray: 1 tbsp peppermint soap with 1 quart water with          cayenne and or cinnamon (1/2 tsp) - Note: Only peppermint.

- Ant Spray:  1/4 cup Dr. Bronner's Tea Tree Oil Soap in quart of    water. Note: Not on plants or will burn.


vegn'vibes Top 5:

-Mopping: 1/2 cup soap with 3 gallons hot water.

-All-Purpose Cleaning: 1/4 cup soap mixed into a 1 quart water      spray bottle.

-Congestion: 1 tbsp in steamed water. Clear Sinuses and Feel          Energized!

- Dishes: Hand-wash with pre-diluted 10:1 ratio and then squirt       on scrubber (lasts a long time)!

-Veggie Rinse: 1/4 tsp in bowl of water to dunk and rinse.


Extras: Diaper soap , mosquito repellent, silk/wool cleanser, deodorant (peppermint), mouth wash (spit!), and more!


Questioning any of these tips and tricks? Fear not! Ingredients list below. Please Note: Tea Tree is dangerous to dogs and other pets, stay away from the Tea Tree soap for pets.


Ingredients: Water, Organic Coconut Oil, Potassium hydroxide, Organic Palm Kernel Oil, Organic Olive Oil, Mentha Arvensis, Organic Hemp Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Mentha Piperita, Citric Acid, Tocopherol



There are many Dr. Bronner's products not listed here that we just adore, but we hope this is helpful for your future product needs! Though the 18-in-1 has an option for deodorizing, we DO hope that Dr. Bronner's releases an antiperspirant / deodorant in the future. They do everything else right. Fingers crossed!


xoxo k


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